Wellesley courses

Introducing the new Wellesley course browser, here to assist you with your distributions and scheduling needs


Wellesley College provides tools to students to plan their upcoming schedule and put together their four-year-plan. These tools range from an online course browser to a distributions checklist.

The problem

The tools that students use to plan out their college classes are scattered across various sites with different experiences. We worked on housing all features in one location.

My role

Managed team of 6 designers, led the design vision, implemented the live site, and assisted in career development conversations with the designers

The experience

Wellesley students can search for classes, make a schedule where they know classes don't overlap, and make sure they're on track to graduate with the distributions page.


Schedule builder

Plan out your schedule for the upcoming semester. Schedule builder automatically notifies students of overlapping classes.

Distribution requirements

Students can quickly make sure that they are on track to graduate by seeing which distribution requirement they have fulfilled in a user-friendly grid


View all course offerings

Students can see what courses are offered next semester and can make sure that they fulfill all prerequisites for their classes

Rate your professors

Learn more about your institution's professors without leaving the site to check Rate-My-Professor


Project highlights

My main focus for this project was managing six designers and determining the vision for this new product


The visual and interaction design of Wellesley’s course browser was outdated, so it needed a full reskin and to be rethought.

Housing four features in-house

Housing all necessary features to create one's own schedule under one roof will reduce churn away from the site.

Schedule builder

Required visiting other sites to create a schedule to check for overlapping classes.

Distribution requirements

Required downloading pdf version of progress and manually counting ones own units.

Rate your professor

Required visiting Facebook Group pages or ratemyprofessor.com.

The course browser

Was a separate page apart from all these other features.

The team!

I had the priviledge of managing a team of six designers (with one wearing an engineer hat as well). We worked to design and implement a web app from scratch and developed new design skills together!

The details

UX engineering allowed for sharp attention to detail and ownership over the entire user experience.


Clear feedback

Provide users with feedback when they make mistake or when the system is working.

Microinteraction detail

Building the design library from scratch allowed for using scaleable components.


Beginning to end experience

Designed each step of multi-step flows.